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Stuck on a Truck History

Stuck on a Truck — It keeps growing and growing!

For more than 12 years Stuck on a Truck has rolled into Toad Suck Daze. This year's event will begin on Thursday, May 2, 2013. This reality spectacle seems to intrigue the young and the old in this test of endurance by the contestants. This event starts one day before the Toad Suck Daze festival so the large crowds can enjoy watching the sleepy contestants muddle through for three, four and as in 2011, six days.

In 2001, Centennial Bank, started this zany event that has contestants holding their hands on an automobile. The last one remaining with their hand still on the vehicle wins it. Contestants must stand upright at all times—no sitting, squatting or leaning. A five minute break is allowed each hour and a 15 minute break is given every six hours.

The contest is a crowd pleaser at the festival with people watching the contenders like a circus side show. What's also interesting is Toad Suck Daze folds up and goes away on Sunday afternoon; however, Stuck on a Truck rolls on until it's over. The record is 136 hours! People attending Toad Suck Daze then become addicted. Many go home and watch it on the web-cam provided at the event. Over 1 million people watch the web-cam each year from all over the world. Indeed www.stuckonatruck.com is the most common web address used in Faulkner County during the first weekend in May. "The contest has proven to be infectious," said Randy Sims, president and CEO of Centennial Bank. "It is truly amazing the volume of people wanting to view the contest on-line."

You may wonder what causes this attraction by the general public. David Druey, event co-coordinator says, "Everyone has a story on why they want to win the truck. Many do it for the challenge, some do it because they love contests, and some just need a vehicle." He added, "It's also fun to watch when the contestants get tired and a little on the disoriented side from lack of sleep. I think folks around here are so competitive they enjoy any kind of challenge."

With twelve years of past success, the Centennial Bank staff, the organizers of Stuck on a Truck, have proved they know how to entertain a crowd and give away big prizes at the same time.

Here's a recap of the past Stuck on a Truck events.

The first event was called "Hug a Bug" and the giveaway was a red Volkswagen Beetle. Sixty-five hours and 14 minutes from the start, Phillip Toll of Conway, won the keys to the brand new bug.

In 2002 the name was changed to Stuck on a Truck and the grand prize was upgraded to a Ford F150 pickup from Smith Ford. The new prize put a surge of interest in the contest and it took 91 hours for Greenbrier's Rebecca McGuire to claim victory.

To keep it all in the family, Jacob McGuire entered the 2003 event with his mom as lead pit crew chief. Many doubters thought a young guy like Jacob wouldn't have a chance, but 85 hours later he proved that success was in the genes and he drove away with the new truck.

In 2004, David Gwatney of Conway proved to his family he was a "Ford Truck Man" and won the contest in 79 hours. Gwatney held his cool for the entire time.

Even though he really didn't know where he was, Frankie Heifner of Conway won the truck in 85 hours and 26 minutes. He still drives the shiny new Ford today.

With a huge crowd watching Shane Cauthen of Vilonia came out of the contest unscathed and won in a time 87 hours and 46 minutes.

A new record was set when Danny Alford fought off Dena Kemp who donned a blue Mohawk for motivation. The winning time was 98 hours 48 minutes.

Mark Scroggin used a year of previous experience to head off a tough competitor in Kevin Cauthen. His winning time was 85 hours, 5 minutes.

Through four days of rain, football coach Chuck Speer proved to his team who was cheering him on, that you should never quit. He won the contest in 92 hours, 44 minutes.

The oldest man to ever win the competition, Terry Odom, finished the contest in 91 hours and 26 minutes.

Who would have guessed the contest could go almost six days…but it happened. In the time of 136 hours, Anna Johnson, proved being a hair dresser can make you strong!

With the motto "Go Big or Go Home," Ginger King outlasted the rest to take home the truck after 78 hours and 30 minutes!

Will it be you? How long will it last? Who will be voted favorite contestant?

"We try to make the contest fun for everyone involved with loud music, dancing and trivia contests," says Centennial employee Greg Sanson. "No matter what time of the day or the night we try to keep the tent jumping…let me rephrase that, I try to keep the tent hopping. Kevin Hester did read the Log Cabin Democrat to the contestants at 4 a.m. one morning…that was rough for us all!"

Twenty-five contestants will start their adventure on Thursday, May 3, at noon. No one knows how long it will take to claim victory but they'll all be trying hard. There are more great prizes for those who don't quite make the end but were willing to endure all that Stuck on a Truck throws at them — sleep deprivation, noise, trains, anxiety, and yes, even storms.

Here's the list of 2012 prizes.
1st Place - 2013 Ford F150 Pickup from Smith Ford
2nd Place - Bad Boy MZ4221BS mower from Duncan Outdoors
3rd Place - Hot Springs Spa Hot Tub from Luxury Pool & Spa
4th Place - $2,000 gift certificate from Freyaldenhoven Heating and Cooling
5th Place - $1.500 gift certificate toward a Carnival Cruise from Vacation Tour & Travel

Other co-sponsors with Centennial Bank are Trinity Development, McDonalds, Colton's Steakhouse, Conway Collision Center, Conway Title, The Computer Works, Kordsmeier Electric, Kordsmeier Remodeling, Sherwood Urgent Care, Vacation Tour & Travel, The Point 94.1 and the Log Cabin Democrat.

This contest draws very interesting participants, all vying for a new truck. So pick your favorite and come down anytime, day or night, there's always an exuberant crowd. You might even find yourself doing the wave or doing a sing-a-long at 2 a.m.

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